Most patients who have anal fistula in their body don’t know what it really is. Patients only experience symptoms such as itching, pus in the anal area, pain, and discomfort. It is symptomatic of signals from the medina, which then treats the person. Simply put, the condition is also known as Ano fistula. A fistula is basically a trace or a tunnel-like connection between different parts of the body. This is an abnormal internal connection that relieves the organs from the internal side to the anal area. It may have more than one external opening through the anus or rectum.

Numerous medical products for treating anal fistula conditions are available in the market today. Medical procedures are needed to heal fistulas because they rarely heal on their own. The main reason for this is the development of fibrous tissues and payogenic membranes which limit the possibility of self-healing. Therefore, the treatment options focus on removing them through surgery. The subject of the effective effect as an alternative method. Some doctors also use fibrin glue to close the abnormal connection. A method called a fistulectomy can be used. Here, the affected area is exposed to laser beams which advises to seal the canals.

However, the most formative medical procedures were based on Ayurvedic principles. If you read Ayurveda medical transcripts, you will find detailed information and classification of fistulas according to type and cure. Due to their severity, they are classified as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The most popular form of treatment is Ksharsutra treatment. This method uses a ksharsutra, which is a special thread. This wire is made by soaking it repeatedly in various medical liquids. Alternatively, it is in contact with contact with medical devices 15 to 20 times. All the active ingredients are of plant origin, which means that they are plant and are not systematized with chemicals. However, these multiple coating threads are used with some drugs for treatment.

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