A stuffy nose, nagging headaches from sinusitis can keep an individual awake all night. The next day, the person feels tired and sleepy throughout the day due to interrupted sleep. For those of you who have been suffering from sinusitis for a very long time but who keep relapsing, try these yoga poses every morning for 2-3 months. You can feel the difference yourself.

6 most effective yoga postures that can cure sinusitis
Bridge laying
Bridge Pose-for-Sinus-Infection-4-Tips-To-Get-clearance-of-Sinusitis-Naturally-
This posture aims to relieve sinus pressure by stretching the chest and opening the throat. For best results, you can use a yoga block to rest the hips.

Start by lying down with your back on the yoga mat.

Lift both knees so that your back stays on the floor

After that, inhale and pull the hips up to the sky

Meanwhile, hold your feet for better balance

Then try to distribute the weight between the feet and the base of the shoulders

Finally, exhale slowly and descend slowly

Downward facing dog
Dog-down-for-sinus infection-4-tips-for-getting-rid-of-sinusitis-naturally-3

It is a very common posture that people with chronic sinusitis must practice regularly. This is an inverted pose that eliminates nasal congestion by eliminating excessive pressure from the head. This pose works by bringing the head under the heart.

Start with a table position in which the wrists are under the shoulders and the knees under the hips

Bring your feet together and slowly start lifting your hips skyward

Slowly put your head between arms

Breathe by mouth if you cannot do it by mouth

First, return to the original position, then break the formation

Front elbow from head to knee
Head-to-knee-before-curvature-for-sinus infection-4-tips-to-get rid-of-sinusitis-naturally-4
One of the contributing factors that increase the risk of sinusitis is stress. Hay arrangement, this pose relieves stress. Therefore, not only sinusitis, but it can also treat stress related conditions such as irregular periods, digestive problems, etc.

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs stretching out in front of you

Bend your right knee so the heel goes under your buttocks

The knee should be at right angles to the extended left leg

Start bringing the torso back to the leg so that the elbow is at the hips instead of the lower back

Fold as much as possible

Try to reach the extended foot with your hands. Or stretch until your hands reach

Inhale as you extend the spine and exhale as you lean forward

Hold at position 10 times

Gradually straighten both legs

Repeat this with the other leg

Plow laying
Plow Pose-for-Sinus-Infection-4-Tips-To-Get-Rid-of-Sinusitis-Naturally-5 In addition to reducing fatigue and stress, the plow pose straightens the neck, shoulders and muscles back. So it is very useful for women going through menopause. It prevents bacterial infection in the sinuses by promoting the proper functioning of thyroid hormones.

Not –

First put your back on the ground

Slowly lift both legs over your head and snap your fingers together for better stability

Try to put as much weight on your shoulders as possible

Keep your legs straight in the skin

Slowly bend the hip and lower the toes to the floor beyond the head

The pose must be such that the torso is perpendicular to the ground

Nadi Shodhan
Nadi Shodhan-for-Sinus-Infection-4-Tips-To-Get-clearance-of-Sinusitis-Naturally-6

Mainly used to remove blockages in the body, it is mainly a breathing technique. In addition, it also relaxes the mind and releases accumulated tension and fatigue. Not –

First, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed

Close your eyes and breathe gently throughout the procedure

Keep the left hand placed with the palm open on the knee on this side

Place the tip of the index and middle fingers of the right hand between the eyebrows

Place the ring finger and the little finger on the left nostril while the thumb on the right nostril

Press the thumb on the nostril and exhale gently through the left nostril

Inhale gently from the left nostril and close the left nostril with the ring finger and the little finger

Open the right nostril and exhale from it.

Repeat this with the other side. This marks a cycle of Nadi Shodhan pranayama.

Do this at least 9 times at once.

Pranayama for sinusitis

Breathing techniques are another way to relieve stuffy noses. Mainly used Here are some techniques that can help eliminate the buildup of overpressure inside the sinuses and nose. Remember that you need to be calm and relaxed to get effective results from this technique.

Soothing breathing – As the name suggests, this breathing technique has a calming effect on the body which helps relieve sinus pressure.

Belly Breathing – Start by lying on your back, knees bent and hands on your stomach. Start slowly breathing deeply. Focus on expanding the belly while breathing in and out.

Breath of Fire – In this pranayama, the person must exhale forcefully several times. The breath must come from the navel which brings the stomach in and out. Start by slowly then gradually, increase the respiratory rate.

How to get rid of sinusitis naturally?
In addition to practicing the above asanas to cure sinusitis, there are certain remedies to follow for draining mucus from the sinuses. Therefore, the individual is able to recover faster.

Here are some things to consider-

Breathe in a little steam
Keeping the face warm while inhaling steam can prevent the mucus from thickening. The mucus thins and the pressure eventually decreases. Add essential oils for additional benefits such as healing the infection.

Nasal irrigation
It is a method of cleaning the mucous membranes and nasal airways of any dried out mucus and germs. Generally, for nasal irrigation, you can use a salt water solution, a nasal wash or a neti-pot.

Take quercetin
Commonly found in onions, apples and green tea, quercetin is a natural habit rich in antioxidants. The herb works by slowing the release of histamines which triggers an episode of sinusitis.

To drink a lot of water
Drinking lots of water helps keep the mucous membrane moist. As a result, mucus can flow faster and there is no buildup in the sinuses.

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Yoga asanas mainly work by reducing the pressure in different points of the sinuses. Following certain natural remedies can increase the effectiveness of the results. In most cases, yoga will cure the condition if followed wisely. However, if symptoms persist for a long time, contact an ENT specialist for a correct diagnosis. You can also make an appointment with an ENT doctor from Pristyn Care.

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