A rather unsightly nose can make a big difference in the way people perceive you. Rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery is a popular procedure.This is done to aesthetically improve a person’s nose, often making the difference between true beauty and pure attractiveness.
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Before you decide on rhinoplasty, you should talk to your surgeon about your expectations for surgery. In any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is extremely important to align yourself Our
expectations of the operation with what is possible. Often, our self-image does not reflect the truth of our body. What do you think is a terrible bulbous monstrosity In this case, you should talk to your advisor about your self-image. Also, do not forget to ask your doctor for non-surgical procedures.
Options that are both economical and fast.

After that, it is very important to become familiar with all the risks and customs inherent in a nasal work. As with any other surgery, you should expect Bleeding, risk of infection, side effects on drugs and narcotics. The risk of rupture of blood vessels and imperfections is unique to nose surgery. Scars at the bottom of the nose. Sometimes, if the result is not 100% satisfactory, a second intervention may be necessary to correct or improve your nose work.

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Rhinoplasty is usually performed by an incision in the nasal passage or through the layer of skin that divides the nostrils. The bone and cartilaginous The structure that makes up the nose is shaped to the desired shape. The skin is sewn to complete the operation. Usually treated as For an outpatient surgery, the surgery can last up to two hours. Recovery after an operation of the nose is usually not very heavy. Expect a pain from the first day that can last for a while. Black eyes were increasing

Swelling and bruising are not uncommon after a nose job. Cold compresses in the area and not on the nose are effective ways to deal with them. Most people Anyone who has undergone surgery should note that the pain is not as severe as their appearance. Of course, the pleasure of revealing a new nose can relieve the memory of pain.

Most patients who undergo rhinoplasty are delighted with their new nose, as the addition or subtraction of a few millimeters can have a surprising effect on the nose. Balance of a face. In the rare cases where a patient is completely dissatisfied with the way his nose has changed, a rhinoplasty can be performed once the tissue is covered to heal properly.

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