The pilonidal sinus, also called the coccyx abscess, is a capsule that contains bacteria under the skin, ie fleshy in the birth slit and its adjacent part of the buttocks. The capsule consists of a person to create an environment in which they can be in the human body. A coccyx abscess spreads and abscesses belong to themselves in a chain (like a carbuncle, but not contagious).

A study by Dr. Brook, Rodriguez, Contrioni and Anderson under different organizations, in which pus was extracted from pilonid sinuses in 25 aspirated children. Bacteroides sp., Coccus, Fusobacterium sp., Clostridium sp., Escherichia coli, Streptococcus and Proteus sp. Many believe, many believe that the good ones present in the pilonidal sinus are Staphylococcus if not found in the study. .

Was that the traditional treatment for Pilonidal Sinus?

There are 2 interest interests for Pilonidal Sinus, which include two that are ineffective:

Drainage: The coccyx abscess is rotated to confuse the pus. Since the abscess is huge, it is sold to remove all the pus using this procedure, so it will be back soon. Cyst drainage is located in a hospital emergency room. The procedure is minimally invasive and there are no waiting times.

Pilonidal surgery: The pilonidal sinus is connected to part of the buttocks, consequences with everything. It was another pilonidal sinus guide. There are 3 types of pilonid surgery. The only difference is in the way the wound becomes: surgery with another wound, surgery with an open wound, and surgery with a split lift. Everyone has a success rate of around 50% the first time, a success rate of around 40% the second time and a success rate of 10% the second time. . Even if the procedure is successful, the scar can tear under tension (any performance) and become infected. Pilonid surgeries are intrusive because the old meat is not reworked and the follow-up times are often long.

Surgery is not even an option. The above methods have been around for years. It is able for conventional medicine to develop a controlled solution for pilonid cysts.

Alternative treatment for the pilonidal sinus

Homeopathy is a healing system. Homeopathy can be cured. A 2010 report in the International Journal of Oncology, the study studies that homeopathy is cancer-causing cells that relate to loss of property, as is the case with treatment. Homeopathy leads back to the pilonidal sinus and can heal it.

Unfortunately, it is important to find a competent homeopath. The most important possible are only health-related, which are considered to be truthful, but do not play a major role in homeopathy. Every practitioner heard the system differently.

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