Varicose veins: the truth about fading

Varicose veins or spider veins, as they are sometimes called, can affect both men and women. It’s just an enlarged vein in the back of the leg most of the time. They are generally not a health problem, but rather a cosmetic problem that people, especially women, want to eliminate or reduce. If the varicose veins are large enough, they can cause circulatory problems. This is not a problem since the veins generally do not get as large.

The biggest symptom is the appearance on the leg or in another area of ​​the body. The color is purple or dark blue and there is usually no pain. If you don’t see them, you don’t know they’re there. Pain can sometimes occur after standing or sitting in the same position for a long time. There are times when itching around the veins can occur and this can be alleviated by using lotion. The small spider veins are red or blue in color and are found mainly in the legs and face. If the varicose veins get big enough, leg cramps can occur. At this point, a doctor should be consulted so that the treatment can be discussed.

The test is easy because the doctor only has to examine your legs or other areas to determine if the appearance is there. This usually happens while standing so the doctor can determine if there is swelling. An ultrasound can be done to determine if varicose veins are associated with circulatory problems.

Stay up for a long time and do not wear tight clothing, as this compresses the vessels in the legs. Compression stockings can also be worn day or night to maintain blood flow to your legs. Stockings can be purchased at most pharmacies or retail stores. If the varicose veins are bad enough, laser treatments are available and the treatment can be done in most medical offices. The VNUS closure method is used more and more compared to laser treatments. VNUS is minimally invasive and the pain is minimal. This procedure treats and eliminates the underlying problem of varicose veins. Patients recover faster with VNUS than with laser treatment

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