Treatment of varicose veins is one of the most sought-after medical remedies for enlarged and bulky veins that mainly appear on the legs and thighs. This type of problem occurs mainly in women, but only in a few men. There are several causes for this problem, including inherited and aging. Heredity and aging are factors that we cannot avoid or prevent. Other causes are activities that tire the legs or put pressure on the lower limbs, for example during pregnancy or with obesity. This can lead to dysfunction of blood flow through the veins, which eventually becomes varicose. A large number of people are affected by this type of problem, which is why there are different types of treatments to treat it.

Sclerotherapy – This type of treatment injects a special solution containing sclerosing agents into the veins. It removes these large and bulky blood vessels from the circulation. However, it is not applicable to all types of varicose veins as it does not effectively remove small or thin swollen and twisted veins. There are possible complications that can arise with this type of treatment.

Side effects: Allergic reactions may occur due to the solution injected. Skin ulcers, inflammation, and discoloration are also possible side effects. It is best to hire an experienced doctor who has had special training to help you avoid these types of complications.

Microphlebectomy – This type of procedure cuts the skin where the swollen and twisted veins are and keeps it away. It is one of the recommended treatments for varicose veins in larger veins.

Side effects include bruising and scarring from the incision. Bleeding and allergic reactions can also occur. There is very little chance of serious complications occurring.

Endovenous laser therapy – This type of treatment cuts the skin to insert a laser catheter. This catheter warms the walls of the veins, narrows them and seals them. This type of treatment is inexpensive and can only be done in your doctor’s office for under an hour.

Side effects: One of the most important side effects is the allergic reaction of the solutions used. Cut scars cannot be avoided and infections can sometimes occur. Nerve damage and permanent swelling of the legs can also occur if the procedure is not performed well.

There are also treatments that do not involve surgical methods, such as the use of compression stockings. These compression stockings can help relieve the pain caused by swollen and twisted veins. It is therefore best to put them in the morning before your veins swell. It cannot treat varicose veins permanently, but there are no side effects.

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