Treatment of varicose eczema

Varicose vein eczema is a skin disease in which varicose veins appear, which mainly affect the ankles and lower legs due to lack of blood circulation. Most often, patients with this chronic disease are overweight or elderly, but in some cases it may depend on it.

How does the varicose vein appear? If the blood vessel is abnormal and the blood can reverse feeding, you will likely discover varicose veins over time. But that’s not all, apart from being overweight and lack of blood circulation. Smoking can also reduce the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream of the lower leg.

What are the signs of a crisis? The patient will notice that their skin changes color near the legs to darker skin – or maybe even a purple color. He will feel itchy and find irritations or inflamed parts as well as fragile and broken skin. It is best not to scratch the irritated skin. this can lead to ulcers that are difficult to heal. In most cases, a patient with a seizure often has swollen ankles.

As a patient, you should do everything possible to improve your blood circulation. Try to schedule regular walks in your schedule. Avoid getting up too much. If you have weight problems, try doing some exercise, or if you smoke, don’t try to cut down on your cigarettes. Your health comes first!

If you have skin problems, replace your soap with a skin cleanser. Hydrate your skin with creams, oils or other products to reduce water loss from your skin. This can prevent your skin from becoming dry. This is one of the most important things when it comes to varicose veins.

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