Many women facing hysterectomy will wonder if their upcoming surgery is similar to caesarean surgery.

It is understandable that these two operations are often compared because they involve a similar incision in the abdomen and in the same organ (the uterus), but this is where the similarities end. A cesarean section leaves the uterus intact, while a hysterectomy removes it and repairs the arteries and surrounding tissue. Coming home with a reward (a baby) can help make the operation completely different.

Women who have had both a caesarean section and an abdominal hysterectomy have disagreements about which surgery is easier due to their personal surgical experience. Some women report recovery from their hysterectomy was easier and less painful, while others say it was more difficult and painful for them. Many patients recovered from a caesarean section faster, while others recovered from their hysterectomy more quickly.

Every bigger belly is definitely “not a walk in the park”. Most caesarean section patients as well as patients with hysterectomies have both good and hard days.

Here are the feelings that Hysterectomy members have shared over the years. that illustrate the wide range of reactions and comparisons.

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