When considering your options for treating hair loss, cost is an important factor, especially when it comes to hair transplantation. As a patient, it is important to know that when researching and evaluating hair restoration surgery, the cost of the procedure is as individual as that of the patient, and a successful hair transplant takes a lot into account. of factors besides the degree of hair loss.

In most cases, the cost of your transplant procedure is based on a “per transplant” basis, but also takes into account the cost effectiveness of larger sessions. This is also the reason why personal advice is crucial to accurately determine your needs and options and should be non-binding or fee-based for the patient.

Regardless of the hair transplant clinic or doctor, choose a hair restoration procedure. The costs are determined using the following criteria:

The type of follicular transplant technique
How much hair loss have you experienced so far
The amount of donor hair available
Properties of donor hair (hair size, hair texture, hair color)
Your desired results
Typically, transplant costs can range from $ 4,000 to $ 20,000. The cost of your hair transplant depends primarily on how many transplants you need. Again, many factors must be considered for a successful transplant procedure (see below for more details). Hair transplant prices vary from clinic to clinic, but the range is generally between $ 3 and $ 10 per transplant, with $ 5 / $ 6 per transplant being the average. The price per graft also depends on the type of follicle graft (strip removal vs. follicular unit extraction). Hair transplant costs also decrease as the surgical session increases. For example, a session with 1000 grafts does not cost twice as much as 500 grafts. Depending on the patient’s needs, a typical session can range from 1,500 to over 4,000 grafts. See the link to the hair transplant cost comparison chart below.

Although the cost of your procedure depends on your individual needs, the following provides a general overview of the number of hair transplants required for a restorative operation. Some patients choose more than one method to achieve their personal goals. The more hair transplanted in a single procedure, the lower the final cost per transplant.

Development of hair transplant costs and modern techniques

Hair transplants have become significantly cheaper and cheaper in recent years. Not only has the quality of the results improved significantly, more efficient techniques and increased competition have also reduced prices.

A few years ago, the cost per graft was $ 15, with only a few hundred grafts transplanted at a time. Various techniques for harvesting hair follicles, transplanting funicular units, and extracting funicular units are available today. Obviously, both methods have advantages and disadvantages. The main concern of most patients is both how each procedure is cured and the cost difference. Since the extraction of funicular units is much more labor intensive, the cost per transplant is of course higher.

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