Piles or Bawaseer is the swelling of blood vessels around the anal opening. The causes of piles can vary from constipation, inheritance, or stress during bowel movements. As the condition progresses, they enlarge and the mass begins to come out of the anal opening. There are various treatments for the treatment of piles and one of the treatments is stapling surgery for piles.

Although piles are very common, they grow large, can cause problems for men and women equally, and their prevalence is between 45 and 65 years.

Why do you need stapler surgery to treat piles?

Stapler surgery or stapler hemorrhoidectomy or procedure or prolapsed hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical method of treating stakes. Prolapsed Piles are the bulge that comes from the anus. Stapling operation for piles can be used to treat grade 2 piles, but is typically used to treat higher grade 3 and 4 piles. This operation removes unusually large pile tissues.

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Preparation for stapled hemorrhoidectomy
The doctor may ask you to stop eating or drinking after midnight before the day of your surgery. They also inform the patient about the medication they can take and should avoid them before the day of surgery. You may also need a morning enema on the morning of your surgery to clean the rectum and get a better surgical view of the posts.

During staple surgery or stapled hemorrhoidectomy, stacks are removed and part of the anal region is stapled. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia. A circular hollow tube is inserted into the anal canal. Through this hollow tube, a seam is placed in the anal canal over the inner posts. A stapler is attached to the end and the ends of the threads are pulled. The doctor then pulls the sutures and pulls the tissue of the stacks into the staples. The normal tissue is returned to its original position within the anal canal. Finally, the stapler is ejected.

After the operation, the stapler used in the procedure is discarded. The staple stake operation disrupts blood supply, causing the piles to shrink further.

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Effectiveness of stapling operations
After the operation, the medical staff will monitor you until you are awake. You can go home after waking up and the doctor says you are ready to go home. The question now is what happens to the staples after a stapled hemorrhoidectomy. The staplers are only needed until the tissue has healed. Then they fall off and go unnoticed through the chair after a few weeks. There is a significant improvement in the condition. Piles affect the quality of life depending on the stake level and its symptoms.

Post recovery after staple hemorrhoidectomy
After 1-2 weeks you should be able to do normal activities, but strenuous activities must be avoided. Do not lift heavy objects, do not strain bowel movements and do not exert pressure on the abdominal area during recovery. You have to follow the instructions after the operation

Benefits of stapler hemorrhoidectomy
Here are some of the benefits of stapling operations:

Short intervention time
Minimally invasive surgery
Post-surgery complications such as pain
Short hospital stay
Stapling operation risks
Stapled operations can have side effects or risks, but are not common. They are further minimized when the experienced surgeon performs the surgery. The possible disadvantages can be:

Inflammation or infection
Stack line narrowing
Fecal incontinence
Chances of recidivism (5-8%)
Crack or tear in the lining
Trauma to the anal or rectal wall
Is stapling surgery better than traditional surgery?
Stack surgery Open surgery
Less painful process More painful process
The operation is performed above the sensitive area of ​​the anal canal The operational site is the sensitive part of the anal canal (tooth line)
Fast recovery Recovery takes time
The operating time is less The operating time is more
The cost of stapled pile surgery can vary from INR 10,000 / – to INR 50,000 / – depending on the location, hospital and complexity of the disease.

To take away
Consult a doctor for batteries and get the best treatment. There is another method for treating piles. You can check out Pristyn Care for the most advanced laser surgery. You can also do an online consultation with our experienced doctors in the comfort of your home.

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