With the whole world crumbling under the influence of the domino effect of the corona virus on society and people finding different ways to cope with stress, it seemed appropriate to put a few comments in the pot.

There is no point in being paralyzed by fear and fear of this thing. Like a hurricane or wildfire, these things come and kill people, but they pass. And that will also pass. We have to be careful, super hygienic and sensitive, stay calm and drink lots of tea to make us feel better!

Many people panic, as shown by the compulsive purchase of toilet paper and other products. With something where there isn’t much you can do to avoid infection, people are looking for things they can do that at least feel like they are doing something. In fact, the best thing they can do is minimize physical interactions with others and stay in their home or accommodation as much as possible.

To repeat the preventive measures you can take against the virus at this point: wash your hands with a virus that kills antibacterial soap after touching anything outside your home. Do not touch your face until you have washed your hands. Do not approach within 2 meters of other people. (A yardstick is suggested, but I think it’s a bit optimistic, and I would personally be happier with 3 yards or more – you can still have a conversation from 10 feet away.) Don’t congregate in a crowd. Use hand sanitizers if you can’t wash your hands, then wash them with soap and water as soon as you can. Don’t shake hands with anyone, and of course, don’t kiss anyone outside of your family or home. Eliminate all physical contact with people outside your home until it is finished.

Some people say it is a punishment from God for the sins of the leaders of nations, which may well be true. Others say the Chinese deliberately introduced this virus to reduce overseas shares so they can buy Western companies at a fraction of their price. It is also an option. Others say it’s because of China’s unsanitary eating habits in wild animals that caused the virus to skip species, which is the most popular theory. I myself am still collecting all the information and researching the fake news to try to understand the epidemic. What is fairly certain is that it was caused by a combination of greed and poverty.

What we really need to do is help those who have been positive to send them messages of encouragement and hope. Also support nurses, doctors, and anyone who needs to keep working to make sure you have food and supplies. Be friendly to everyone at this point and put aside the little irritations. Everyone is concerned to some extent, so give people a chord and always be encouraging.

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