Many people wish to undergo rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose. Nose surgery should only be(Nose reshaping cost in hyderabad) performed by a qualified surgeon, such as an appropriately trained ENT surgeon. Rhinoplasty can be quite demanding to perform due to the anatomical complexities of the nose and the skill required to produce natural looking results. Like with all types of nose surgery, there is also a risk of complications associated with the surgical procedure. In such cases the ENT surgeon may recommend further treatment, or even a second rhinoplasty.

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Below are a number of complications that could potentially develop after rhinoplasty:
Nose bleed: It is relatively common for some patients to experience nose bleeds post operatively. This can happen within the first six to eight hours after rhinoplasty, or up to five to ten days after nose surgery. The bleeding can in most cases be stopped by simply placing packs in the nose. In very rare cases, patients may need to have another operation to stop the bleeding.

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Nose surgery cost in hyderabad

Infection: Like with all forms of surgery, infection is possible post rhinoplasty. If a patient experiences symptoms of infection such as fever, redness, blocked nose or sore throat post surgery, it is important that they consult with their general practitioner or ENT surgeon to ensure it can be appropriately treated.
Hole in septum: In rare cases, a hole in the septum (the thin wall that divides the two nostrils) can be caused by nosesurgery. Generally, this condition does not cause much problem, and patients can continue with their daily lives in the usual manner. However, in some cases a hole in the septum may result in a whistling noise when a patient breathes, together with crusting, blockage and nose bleeds. In such cases, an ENT surgeon may recommend further nose surgery to repair the hole.Numbness in Teeth: Another rare side-effect that can occur after rhinoplasty is a feeling of numbness in the teeth. In most cases this problem settles with time, and generally a visit to a doctor is not required.
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