What are the Benefits of Nose Shaping?

Many people are embarrassed or dissatisfied with the shape, angle or size of their nose. This deformity may be due to genetic conditions or even to an accident. Fortunately, this method of self-esteem can be corrected by rhinoplasty – a procedure for quickly reshaping the nose. This form of cosmetic surgery can not be applied under any circumstances.

What does Nose Correction Mean?

Whether you’re looking for a process that dramatically improves your appearance, it enhances your overall look. Rhinoplasty can therefore significantly improve nasal breathing.

During the operation, which lasts about 1 hour (or up to 2, depending on the complexity of the operation), the patients undergo general anesthesia, which means they wake up and feel slightly uncomfortable. The surgeon carefully separates the nasal skin from the bone and cartilage framework. This frame is then carved into the desired shape. The last step is to re-train the skin on the new, improved frame.

Another method of nasal remodeling is for the surgeon to operate from the inside of the nose by making an incision in the nose. In more complex cases, surgeons prefer to make a small incision through the vertical tissue that separates the nostrils. Regardless of the form of rhinoplasty, the final result of the new form is obtained from the patients.

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