Did you know that there is such a thing as a prolapsed hemorrhoid? This normally happens when a hemorrhoid goes out from the anal opening. The hemorrhoid inside the body extends outside the rectum and is often mistaken as an external hemorrhoid.

There is no clear illustration on how the latter is formed. There are so many symptoms associated with a prolapsed hemorrhoid. These are itching or burning, bleeding, or in more extreme cases, a soft lump at the opening of your rectum may appear.

Other common prolapsed hemorrhoid symptoms are either blood found in the stool or toilet paper. The inability to complete a bowel movement is another symptom of prolapsed hemorrhoid. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids symptoms appear to excessive straining, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, prolonged sitting and standing, pregnancy ( increasing pressure on the inferior abdomen because of the growing fetus), sedentary lifestyle, eating a low-fiber diet, obesity, standing or lifting too much, cirrhosis of the liver, anal intercourse, anal or rectal infection.

There are several stages in classifying prolapsed hemorrhoid.

The first stage is mild and mostly not noticeable or obvious.

The second stage is when the suffer complains of painful bowel movement because the hemorrhoid is swollen. A hemorrhoid case is categorized as stage three and stage four when the hemorrhoid has come out of the anus.

The last stage is the appearance of the blood from the anus. It is not recommended to treat prolapsed hemorrhoid in stages three or four. Though, you may opt for other alternative surgical procedure.

To avoid painful and expensive surgery, it is best to treat your hemorrhoid from the first appearance of symptoms. There are many non-operative treatments that you can use for the first two stages of hemorrhoid. These are suppositories, medicated creams, oral medicines (over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines) and medicated pads. Sometimes, hemorrhoids in stage one or two goes away naturally.

Several procedures are available to treat hemorrhoid. The most common treatment done to hemorrhoids sufferer is the rubber band procedure, It is painful and the recovery takes a while. Rubber band legation works by stopping the blood circulation to the affected area and in a certain period, the hemorrhoid shrink until it falls off.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is another innovative procedure used to treat hemorrhoids. It works through stapling. It reduces the magnitude of the stretched tissue that ropes the hemorrhoid tissues.

Sphincterotomy, on the other hand, is the procedure that includes cutting a part of sphincter to reduce contractions.

Hemorrhoids can be easily treated, that is if we are aware of the symptoms to take care of. Also, preventive measures can be taken to avoid hemorrhoids symptoms. By living a healthy and active lifestyle, one can prevent the distressful hemorrhoids symptoms.

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