A hysterectomy is an important operation that involves removing a woman’s uterus. This procedure can even remove the cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries if needed. Although the risk of complications from this type of surgery is low, it is still important for a woman who has had a hysterectomy to have a proper hysterectomy. This not only contributes to faster recovery, but also prevents complications, which leads to an overall pleasant experience for the patient.

Take care of yourself before the operation

Before having a hysterectomy, it is important that you perform a sufficient hysterectomy to reduce the risk of complications.

• Before hysterectomy, eat a high fiber diet to counter constipation caused by postoperative medications.
• Eat a light meal such as a salad the day before the operation, but do not eat or drink after midnight.
• Sleep a lot.
• Exercise to relieve stress.

What you should do after surgery

While you will inevitably experience pain and discomfort after your hysterectomy, it should be a time to rest and relax. You don’t have to go to work for weeks and you don’t have to do any housework. So take that time to just recharge your batteries and have fun doing things that you normally don’t have to do.

• Put on loose, comfortable clothing.
• Prepare a list of emergency numbers. These can be numbers of your family, friends and doctors.
• Collect all the books you have never had time to read.
• Make sure there is a TV and DVD player in your room.
• Have a music player nearby if you want to give your eyes a break.
• Eat healthy. It’s not just a hysterectomy trick, it’s something you should always do.
• Take pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor.
• Have enough sanitary napkins. Avoid using tampons.
• Use heating pads, but don’t let them come in direct contact with your skin.
• Do not lift heavy objects. Ask your friends and family for help.
• Ask others to prepare your food for you or to drive you as needed.
• Don’t drink alcohol.

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