What is a prolapsed hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are generally sometimes referred to as clusters and consist of a blood vessel clogged with blood and swelling. A prolapsed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid that is swollen enough to protrude from the anus due to gravity.

Symptoms of hemorrhoidal prolapse

Most people have hemorrhoids, but not everyone will get them, and many people will go through life without ever knowing that they have hemorrhoids. Some symptoms of regular and premature hemorrhoids are as follows.

Painful bowel movements
Itching around the anus
Bleeding – noticed on toilet paper or in the stool
A feeling of being incomplete after a bowel movement
A piece of tissue that sticks out during a bowel movement
Why do hemorrhoids lengthen?
The exact cause of hemorrhoids is unknown, but it is known that excessive pressure in the rectum contributes to the condition. Pressing too hard to have a bowel movement adds to the problem. Women who give birth develop hemorrhoids several times because they put too much pressure on them. With age, the walls of the anus weaken and contribute to the weakening and sagging of the blood vessels until they protrude from the anus.

Treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids

To properly diagnose your condition, a doctor will need to do a rectal exam. A doctor can perform a visual inspection with a flashlight or a manual exam where he inserts a lubricated glove finger.

If a more thorough examination is needed, you may need an anoscope, which is a small camera that is inserted into your rectum. Most doctors begin treatment by recommending topical creams and ointments or lukewarm water that is soaked in the affected area several times a day.

Other more gradual treatments are available if early treatments show no signs of effect. There are many natural and herbal remedies that you can try yourself at home before you pay the high cost of going to the doctor.

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