While it is generally accepted that only older people suffer from hearing loss, younger people can also have hearing problems. When the statistics are on the youth side, it is important to know that factors other than age affect hearing. Indeed, trauma is the main cause of hearing loss. The more you are exposed to loud noises, the more likely you are to have hearing loss at a young age.

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Think of all the noises you are exposed to every day: planes fly over you, construction sites, loud music through your headphones, traffic. If you work in an area or do recreational activities where you are exposed to loud noises, there is an increased risk of ear trauma and hearing loss before the age of 65. There are also hereditary factors that you should consider and that have nothing to do with the onset of aging.

Hearing loss in children

Certain hereditary factors or extreme ear trauma can lead to hearing loss in children. It is estimated that 5% of children under the age of 18 in this country have hearing problems. While adults may be better able to deal with hearing loss, hearing loss in children can lead to learning difficulties if they are not treated. It can also lead to emotional difficulties, anxiety, and depression, which can lead to problems at home and at school. Since children do not usually express their hearing problems, it is important that the adults around them are aware of this potential problem and have it tested as soon as possible. The longer you let go of a child’s hearing problems, the more problems they can cause.

Hearing aids do not involve risky operations or require special knowledge. In fact, it’s not even medical devices, just devices that can amplify the sound around you. Nowadays hearing aids can be so small that they are practically invisible and relatively easy to use. If you are getting older or in your twenties and have hearing problems, be sure to speak to your doctor for a hearing test. If you are a parent, be sure to discuss hearing problems with your child’s doctor.

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