Now that the new corona virus has become evidence for our lives today, there is no other way but to live with it. In my previous article, “Living with Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19”, published here a few weeks earlier, I only explained the preliminary precautions to be taken when using the novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 Lives. This was just a brief note on the defense methods you can use to avoid the possibility of a new type of coronavirus attack.

However, my intention is much broader here.

I am not here to explain the scientific or medical assessment of the current situation, which is the genesis of the new coronavirus. I am not here to explain the guidelines that have been developed by medical professionals or monitor.

I want to reach out to the whole world community to make my request and ask everyone to work to improve human life. I am only here to ask for human attachment.

May the new coronavirus (Covid 19) become a turning point; Let’s use this opportunity as a practical opportunity to at least unite mentally. Yes, this new type of corona virus has given us the coveted break! Let us forget all regional, national and religious barriers and become partners in building a new global community. Remember that when such a pandemic occurs, people are on one side and the enemy on the other. This practical truth simply explains that we are all of one class and that is humanity. The new corona virus has taught us this fact.

Let our children breathe fresh air; Let them be more human than us. Let them become GLOBAL CITIZENS rather than narrow nationalists. Restricted nationalism means restricted humanism, and restricted humanism means sophisticated or masked barbarism.

By restricted nationalism, I mean to limit yourself to a few alphabets of your own name, religion or country, instead of equating it to Aristotle’s famous quote: “Man is a social animal”. Let’s start thinking big; Let go of unwanted ways of thinking that are filled with petty regionalism or religiosity. Let’s get out of language barriers; Let’s free our mind and become one!

After all, we are human beings and we can admit it! We have to admit that we are all human. We all belong to one ethnic group; We belong to a family, which means we are all human. We can take the opportunity offered by the novel corona virus to improve our human society.

Please understand that human life is very fragile. As we now know, even the smallest of small viruses, the novel coronavirus Covid 19, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, can wipe out human existence! You don’t need any artificial destruction mechanism to destroy our pretty globe!

See what happens to the existing social scenario! The schools have stopped working! All religious institutions remain closed! From a pragmatic point of view, human life is more or less paralyzed! People are afraid to roam the streets freely! There is also an official ban in some countries! Officially, they call it “lockdown”. Fear has taken hold of everyone and there is a hint of uncertainty everywhere.

Let us know about the fragility of life! Let us grasp the practical nature of this fact! We love each other and become new people. The new corona virus has given us the unique opportunity to become a citizen of the world.

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