We have all heard of the plight of people with kidney stones. It is one of the most common illnesses that people complain about. The formation of these kidney stones mainly depends on people’s eating habits and lifestyle.

Kidney stones may seem simple enough, but the symptoms and discomfort are quite intense and severe.

Doctors strongly recommend treating kidney stones in time. Otherwise, many complications such as urinary tract infection, blockage of the ureter or bladder can occur.

man having sudden pain from kidney stones

Treatment of kidney stones
Since the problem of kidney stones is quite bothersome, it is completely normal to look for effective treatments for these stones.

There are of course different ways to treat kidney stones. And, none of us want to regret later by choosing the “not good enough” treatment for any problem.

When someone wants to get rid of a painful problem to avoid further complications, choosing a treatment option that is itself very painful and potentially risky is not a wise choice.

Good treatment for kidney stones should be safe and quickly relieved. Modern laser treatment for kidney stones serves the desired purpose.

kidney stones in the kidney

Everything you need to know about laser treatment for kidney stones
Laser treatment of kidney stones, also known as laser lithotripsy or laser ureteroscopy, is currently one of the most modern and technically advanced treatments for kidney stones.

If you are wondering how safe laser treatment of kidney stones is, you will be relieved to know that the procedure is entirely safe. As with any surgery, the possibility of minor complications is always there, but cases are very rare.

In laser treatment, the surgeon inserts a small tube-shaped device called an ureteroscope through the urethra into the ureter. Using the ureteroscope, the doctor examines the urinary tract and searches for the stone.

Once the stone is found, the surgeon inserts a fiber through the tube, which targets a high intensity laser beam on the stone. The laser beam breaks the stone into very small pieces. The size of the broken particles depends on the modulations of the laser beam used.

After that, the doctor removes the small pieces of stone through a basket sent through the ureteroscope and the pieces of grain-like stone are left to be passed in the urine. The doctor can also insert a stent to keep the ureter open, regulate urine flow and allow easy passage of stones.

So, thanks to laser treatment, you can get rid of kidney stones without even a single incision or seam on your body. No incision means minimal risk of infections and complications after the procedure.

Besides being very safe, laser treatment of kidney stones also has a number of additional benefits. The laser treatment is done under general anesthesia, which means that you will sleep during the procedure and therefore you will not feel any pain. The surgery does not take much time. The laser treatment is completed in about an hour and since it is an outpatient procedure, you will be allowed to go home only 1 to 2 hours after surgery.

What to do after laser treatment of kidney stones?
Your doctor will prescribe certain antibiotics and pain relievers after the laser treatment. This guarantees an even lower risk of postoperative complications.

You will probably sleep all day long. However, since laser treatment allows for quick and gentle recovery, you can resume your routine activities the next day or whenever you feel comfortable. Just make sure you don’t do any high intensity activities. If you have inserted a stent into the ureter, avoid strenuous exercises until the stent is removed.

Make sure you follow all of your doctor’s precautions and advice. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet. This makes removing the stones easier and contributes to faster recovery. (Also read: Diet Table for Kidney Stones)

drink water to get rid of kidney stones

What can I expect after laser treatment for kidney stones?
Minor pain and a little blood in the urine are normal after the operation. However, if you notice any abnormal symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Call your doctor if any of the following conditions occur:

Dislocation of the stent
Large amounts of blood in the urine
Strong pain
Inability to pass through the smallest stone fragments
Remember that your lifestyle also plays a crucial role in recovery. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, chronic illnesses and obesity can make you more prone to complications after surgery. Change your lifestyle accordingly so that they do not contribute to your misery.

last words
You shouldn’t overlook the symptoms of kidney stones, however mild they may be. Getting a correct and timely diagnosis is mandatory. Mild cases of kidney stones can be cured with home remedies and lifestyle changes. However, you should not use the same approach for multiple or severe cases of kidney stones.

In the case of a prolonged case of kidney stones, you should contact a specialist regarding modern laser treatment. It is surely the wisest choice to deal with the stones that make your life miserable.

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