Hair loss appears to be a natural consequence of aging. You can even expect it to happen to you after seeing a family member browsing. But expecting hair loss and absorbing its effects can be drastically different things with unexpected results. Just ask Lucas Rivner from Los Angeles, who has finally learned that a hair transplant can improve life.

Lucas was in his early 30s when his hair fell out. Before that, his life had been pretty good. He worked as a software developer with a great job and had a good share in the nominations. He had postponed his installation because he expected to get there in a year or two. But then her hair fell out. His hair loss occurred along the hair root and soon he saw the crown of his hair thinning. Like so many people who ultimately opt for a hair transplant, Lucas first noticed his hair on his pillow in the morning and threw the shower into the shower drain.

Lucas spent an hour in front of the mirror every morning to cover up the hair loss. He tried shampoos, over-the-counter hair loss products, and even tried to re-shape his hair to hide his hair loss. But nothing really worked. He denied and never believed that hair loss was so advanced that a solution such as a hair transplant was deserved. Lucas started to hide in his work and spent less and less time in the world and especially in the dating scene. His dating practically dropped to zero and maybe it was his imagination, but he felt like he had suddenly become invisible to women. They seemed to be looking through him and his quickly thinning hair.

Lucas lost the light confidence he once had in women, and the more invisible he felt, the worse his efforts to connect with women who once found him attractive. He felt older than his years and didn’t feel like him at all. He was about to swear on a date one day when an employee and a friend sat him down for a somewhat encouraging conversation. “Lucas,” she said, “it is not your lack of hair that interferes with your love life, it is your lack of self-confidence. Women love a confident man. This makes them feel safe. Safety.”

He thinks about it for a few days. Then he realized that she was right. His perception that he had become invisible was hers. Somehow he must have found himself when it started to affect all areas of his life. How would he regain his trust? He googled “Hair Loss Solutions” on the Internet and found websites that talked about advances in hair transplant surgery. After completing his due diligence, he chose a reputable hair transplant doctor and made an appointment to speak to him.

His first appointment convinced him that he was going in the right direction. The hair transplant doctor told him about the high success rates for a hair transplant and showed pictures of Lucas. He told Lucas that he was a great candidate because he had good donor hair in mind. She also said that despite the admittedly expensive price of hair transplants due to his age, he can spend less time on hair transplants during his life than if he chose non-surgical hair systems that would still need them. maintained and updated. Once this is done, hair transplants are permanent and become your own hair that really grows. Hair transplants do not fail because the hair is not genetically predisposed to it.

Lucas performed the hair transplant, financed it with loans, and returned to his life. Her hairline and crown grew back in six months. Miraculously he looked like him again and felt even more important. No one seemed to notice, or if they did, they assumed that he had either lost weight or started training. But the biggest change was how he felt as he approached dating again. He now knew that it wasn’t about what he looked like, but what he felt, what had held him back. Within a few months he had met Carly, the woman he would marry a year later. Lucas never had his

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