Hidradenitis suppurativa (also known as “Verneuil’s disease”) is a skin disease that affects areas with apocrine sweat glands or sebaceous glands. such as armpits, hands, ears, face, scalp, legs, groin and buttocks.

I know a lot about it because my daughter suffers from it and suffers from discomfort and pain.

I offer some ideas on how to alleviate your symptoms later in this review, but let me explain a little more exactly what it is.

The non-contagious disease manifests itself as a cluster of chronic abscesses, epidermoid cysts, tallow cysts, pilonidal cysts, or multilocalized infections that can be as large as baseball or as small as a pea, not extremely painful to touch, and can persist for years. with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation that lead to pus evacuation and often accept open wounds that do not heal.

The drainage definitely relieves severe, often debilitating pressure pain. Flare-ups can be caused by severe stress, sweating, hormonal changes (such as monthly cycles in women), damp heat and friction from clothing. Persistent lesions can cause scarring and sinus passages or tunnels, depending on abscesses or infections under the skin.

At this stage, full recovery is usually not possible and progression varies from person to person, with some going through remission for months to years, others becoming worse and requiring treatment. Operation to live comfortably. Wound dehiscence, a premature “outbreak” of a wound, often complicates the healing process.

Cases of bacterial infections and cellulitis (inflammation of the deep tissue) can occur at these points. HS pain and depression can be difficult to treat.

Here is the part that bothered me with this disease:

HS is often not diagnosed for years because the patient is ashamed to speak to someone and then see a doctor, the disease is often misdiagnosed, or the prescribed treatments are ineffective, temporary, and sometimes even harmful.

Imagine that most medical publications say that there is no known cure and no effective treatment. Carbon dioxide laser surgery is currently the last resort for those who have reached their highest stage by cutting out the affected areas and transplanting the skin. However, surgery does not always relieve the disease and can be very expensive.

My daughter had surgery … it was considered something to try, it didn’t really help.

One choice that we found useful is to use a natural anti-inflammatory product.

We tried some antibiotics, but these are just chemicals that don’t address the root cause.

We have found tremendous relief using a certain anti-inflammatory product.

It is the way of production and management of the entire body soul of the body and well-being in hidradenitis
festering symptoms greatly reduced.

My daughter can now work much better with her HS and using this product. So if the doctors say there is nothing we can do, keep looking!

Many people today seek all of the natural remedies from God’s green earth, but anything that makes you feel better is the goal you are striving for.

We hope that we have provided some relief and hope that you or a loved one suffer from HS.

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