The main reasons why people undergo Nose Surgery(Nose reshaping cost in hyderabad) is to change the shape of their nose, improve their breathing pattern or a combination of the both. This surgical procedure not only changes the appearance of the nose, but it can also boost the confidence level in the person who undergoes the surgery. Recently Rhinoplasty Surgery in India is becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgery men and women are going for. There are many cosmetic surgeons who perform Rhinoplasty in India.

Nose reshaping cost in hyderabad

Regardless of the motive behind the nose job, post-surgery recovery is something that needs to be dealt with. Initially, you will experience more discomfort than pain,a lot of swelling will be there especially in the first week after surgery and some bruising will also be noticed around the eyes. Depending upon the procedure there might also be some nasal packing or a splint inside your nose for a couple of days or a splint or cast on top of your nose as extra protection for the first-weekpost-procedure. Usually, after one week, all packing and splints are removed. As swelling and bruising decreases nasal breathing starts to normalize. It takes Approximately 6 weeks for 80% of the facial swelling to subside is gone after surgery, but in some cases, it might take as long as 12 months for all the nasal swelling to subside.

There are a few steps you can take to reduce swelling after a rhinoplasty:

After the surgery is done rest properly for next few weeks because any type of overactivity can worsen the swellingMake sure to keep your head elevated at all time while you are resting, your head should be above your heart as much as possible, this should be done while sleepingtoo.

If you see any extra tissue around the swollen area, try to massage it away gently.

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Nose reshaping cost in hyderabad

Keep using ice pack regularly and for your reference click pictures daily. This will help you to notice changes which might go unnoticed by the naked eye.Like every surgery is different so are patients. Every patient heals from a nose job in a unique way. some heal fast, some heal slowly the main thing is to follow-up with your surgeon consistently and surely things will work out well.

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