An excessively curved penis can affect the ease with which a man engages in sexual activity with a partner. This is one of the main reasons why he can be scared when he notices a curvature in his manhood. As those who are familiar with penis health may already know, penile curvature is common in many men. Only when the penis is atypically curved can this become a problem and cause a man to look for the root cause.

The following should be noted: If a man has problems with hearing loss, the hearing problem and the curved penis can be related.

How connected?

To understand the possible connection, one must first understand which physical factors can cause the penis to bend.

Like other parts of the body, the penis is filled with various tissues; The connective tissue in the penis is part of what enables the organ to change its size so that it increases in size when it is erected and returns to its normal size when it is flaccid. However, sometimes small amounts of plaque (or scar tissue) can accumulate in the tissue, often due to trauma. This can happen if the penis is hit directly or simply as a result of rough or aggressive treatment during sex (either with a partner or with yourself).

If this plaque accumulates in the same area over time, the tissue becomes harder and less flexible and can stretch and expand. Suppose there is a significant amount of scar tissue on the top of the penis. When the penis receives the signal to straighten up, it begins to fill with blood. The bottom of the penis stretches as always; However, the scarred tip of the penis can only stretch so far. When it reaches its limit, it begins to curl upwards as the bottom continues to lengthen.


What is the connection with hearing loss? A condition that can cause hearing problems is called tympanosclerosis. This is a connective tissue disorder, the main effect of which is to create large calcium deposits in the ear. These calcium deposits solidify, block the proper passage of sound waves through the ear and prevent the middle ear from doing its job properly.

As mentioned earlier, tympanosclerosis mainly affects the ear. In some cases, however, calcium deposits can become a problem in other parts of the body. If this happens to the penis, it can have the same effect as scar tissue. A large build-up of calcium concentrated in the same area of ​​the penis prevents the tissue from stretching properly, creating a curved penis.


Except in extreme cases, tympanosclerosis is rarely treated surgically. Hearing aids are generally used to correct hearing problems associated with the disease.

A urologist can determine if treatment is required for a curved penis. There are a number of surgical options for severe cases, but doctors prefer to consider other treatments such as pills or injections first.

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