Covid 19 – Your Defense Against It

Our world continues to be shocked by the pandemic diseases that are causing the loss of thousands, if not millions, of people. Your body may be affected by these diseases and infections. The latest COVID-19 has prompted our world to take generous action to avoid and defeat the rampant virus. The virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, originated in Wuhan, China, and has left viral impressions around the world in recent weeks. Some cases would be much more serious than others. A major risk for the virus is that some carriers do not have symptoms, but it is just as contagious as those who do. Those who have no symptoms are more likely to contribute to the spread from person to person. People with serious illnesses are at higher risk of getting serious COVID-19 than people without it, but people of all ages have ingested the virus. We will continue to see how the virus spreads in the months to come. For more information and updates on viruses, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (link below).

It is a reality that we all face and must prepare for. Having a body that is strong and healthy enough to ward off serious illnesses is the result of making healthy, consistent decisions. What you take in and what you don’t structure your cells accordingly. The flow of your lifestyle will also have a significant impact on the composition of DNA and the molecular structure of your body.

Eat for the prevention of infections and to boost immunity

Choose foods and supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. Raw fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and grass-fed / pasture / wild meat. Garlic, elderberry oil, and oregano are healthy bacteria fighting agents. Choosing a healthier dose will eliminate harmful pathogens and fight infections.

Regulates intestinal health

Healthy probiotics like kimchi can stimulate neuroreceptors in your gut. Colostrum is a great recommendation for maintaining immunity through nutritional supplements. It increases your mental clarity and the well-being of your body and digestive system. Including probiotics in your lifestyle also prevents leaky gut syndrome and diarrhea from infectious causes.

Exercise to increase vitality

Physical activity promotes healthy blood and the production of natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are white blood cells that reject tumors and viral diseases. If you choose to exercise, blood cells are formed instead of fat cells and there are anti aging benefits. Movement regulates a proactive body at the molecular level and increases the ability to heal and prevent disease.

Sleep well

Healthy sleep patterns, along with all of the other issues we’ve discussed so far, reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and immune dysfunction.

Warm and hydrate

Drinking fluids wash the virus out in the stomach, where it dies in stomach acid. If you don’t drink enough fluid, it can enter your lungs through your windpipe. The virus cannot survive temperatures above 530 degrees Celsius. It’s about 133 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the temperature, the faster the virus dies. Include a regular sauna visit in your routine and make sure you always have a container full of liquids with you.

Overall, eating, sleeping, warming, hydrating and exercising is your best weapon if you prevent and eliminate viruses like COVID-19. Take the time to know and appreciate the resources and design that you have. offer nature so that we can stay happy and healthy. We are all able to follow our decisions and our bodies. Feel better, look better, be better and above all; live better.

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