COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Door

Matthew 7: 13-14 puts it this way: “Enter through the narrow door, for the door to hell is wide.” It pays off most clearly. Where exactly does this teaching verse lead given the corona virus? How is this general health verse to be interpreted specifically with regard to coronavirus infection?

By the end of this article, the questions in this area should become much clearer. We are not helpless against COVID-19, not the other way around.

The truth is, we are all endowed with the dynamics of prevention and cure that are unique to the global situation.

But until we consciously connect to this dynamic of protection and practically invite it to consciousness, the writings remain only on their intellectual value. Hence the need to read the above passage as opposed to literally esoteric. The conference of the surface alone or a writing does not change the state of the soul.

More than ever, it is time to step into personal empowerment or the direct experience of the divine innate within each of us. Now is the time to grow beyond the limits of dogma and belief systems to achieve true spiritual maturity in the awareness of the presence of God.

Remember that the biblical “church” does not refer to a physical building, but to your own consciousness. Likewise, the biblical term “Jew” refers to “inwardly” – someone who seeks God within himself. The term does not refer to the Jewish nation or its people. Thus, the words at the top of the crucifixion read: “Greetings, King of the Jews”, which means that praise is the inner soul that seeks its own Christ within itself.

This writing of Matthew therefore refers to the fact that we are “on the inside” and that we are in a narrow gate status, as opposed to an outward gate orientation.

Basically, we are all “on the inside”: we are all researchers.

To this end, it is important to understand the main terms of the script above.


What do narrow and wide doors mean?

“Tor” is a way of experiencing the senses, and “narrow” is inner focus.

The great gate concerns the outside world, the ceaseless activity of the dispersed mind and its attraction or association with the five conditioned senses.

So there are two doors. One leads to paradise, the other to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait or the narrow gate – which means looking inward – and the gate to hell is the great outer gate of sensory awareness.

Questions arise: What practical aspects are necessary to enter through the narrow door? Where are these two doors and how to enter through the narrow door? Are we entering with our belief systems, beliefs, belief flags or what?

In other words, what is the password?


The narrow gate is mental convergence – a means of self-realization – and is found in the brain. The great gate works according to the law of spiritual ignorance, which is here called hell. And the password is “silence of meditation”.

Controlling these two “doors” through the practical use of the password is our protection against COVID-19. The fact leads to invincible immunity.

Start inside

The two doors represent opposite functions, and for good reason. The reason is that we have to choose one door standard over another. After deciding to be a closed door within, we make practical progress in this direction: we begin the inner journey to know God directly. This process – which is explained – taking into account the concrete rewards of heaven and health is not difficult, but it requires commitment and commitment.

A wide door consciousness satisfies only the senses of the mind, while a narrow mind or a narrow door satisfies the heart.

Limit concentration

“The narrow door” therefore consists first of all in narrowing the great door: reducing the active intellect. Limit the activities of unceasingly conscious thought and its attraction to the outside world. By shrinking mental focus, the senses are moved away from their objects and thus transform the experience of a large door.

The activities of the great doors lead to the loss of spiritual identity, hence the expression “what good is conquering the world if we lose our soul”.

We were born in the standard of wide doors, hence the need for the capacities given by God to reach a standard for narrow doors and access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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