There are now only a few people in the civilized world who know nothing about the coronavirus (technically COVID-19), whose pandemic is causing major changes in the world. With this writing, history is changing every day and there is no way of knowing exactly which direction the pandemic will take. It’s clear that the coronavirus is a major health problem – and it begs the question of whether it has any sexual or specific health issues with the penis.

The answer is yes – sort of. At least as far as we know now. (It should be noted that the information below is for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a qualified healthcare professional who should be consulted on anyone related to the coronavirus.)

Corona virus

The current coronavirus is known to be transmitted most efficiently through infected droplets that pass from one person’s mouth or nose to another person’s mouth. For example, if an infected person sneezes in front of a second person, there is a good chance that the second person is also infected. (It should be noted that in both cases – the person who sneezes and the person whose face is sneezed – no one can know they have coronavirus. In most cases, it is asymptomatic – but can still be transmitted. to another person who may not be asymptomatic.)

It is also believed that the coronavirus can be transmitted by contact with a contaminated surface. For example, if someone infected with the virus spreads the germs on a door handle, a person who touches the door handle can catch the germs. If you then touch your face with the affected hand, you can spread the virus to yourself this way. However, this method of transmission is less likely than direct transmission from the mouth or nose to another face.

Sexual health

What is the link with sexual health? If sneezing or coughing can transmit these infected droplets, it can of course also be kissing. Couples who kiss and whose partner is infected are therefore at significant risk of contracting both couples.

What about other sexual acts? No other version of the coronavirus has been found to be sexually significant. However, it stands to reason that if, for example, a woman infected with the coronavirus had oral sex with a man who then touched her penis and face, the risk of infection could very well increase.

Other seemingly innocent acts related to sexual health could also cause problems. For example, it may also be possible to go on a date and share food (“You have to try it!”) Or drink wine from a date glass.

Even something like online dating apps should be looked at. How many people regularly wipe their phone screens on a regular basis? Swiping to the right with an infected finger can potentially cause a problem.

Bottom Line: If a person believes they are infected, it is best to (1) test immediately and (2) avoid sexual contact (and other physical contact) until their health is known. And it’s important for people to be careful of any infected surfaces – that’s why they often wash or sanitize their hands and screens or other objects they touch frequently.

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