Not everyone knows, but children and not just adults can experience it, and indeed everyone of all ages. Hearing loss is usually gradual, as people often lose their sense of hearing slowly, sound frequency for sound frequency. Under the wrong circumstances, people can also lose their hearing completely and indefinitely.

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A doctor’s examination should be a top priority when there are obvious and less obvious signs of hearing problems. The hearing care professional will primarily try to localize the hearing problem and determine where the problem is coming from. Hearing treatment is only prescribed to the person concerned after the hearing problem has been found and precisely determined.

It is a disorder that has many different types. The type or nature of the disease depends on the affected part of the hearing path. Hearing loss depends on the part that affects it, and this also determines how easily it can be treated.

When a person has a problem with passing sound from the outer and middle ear to the inner ear, it is called conductive hearing loss. Conduction problems from the outer ear to the middle ear to the inner ear are regarded as a type of conductive hearing loss. A person with this type of disorder can be considered happy in some ways because it is easiest to treat or handle hearing aids.

A complex, mostly incurable hearing disorder that is exactly the opposite of conductive hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing disorders can include problems related to the conversion of sound vibrations into neural signals and even the processing of these signals. When it comes to hearing, the most important parts are in the inner ear like the cochlea, and these are also the parts that can be easily damaged.

In addition to conduction and sensorineural diseases, the central nervous system is another cause of hearing disorders, which is referred to as central hearing loss. People affected by this type of problem can hear very well, but have difficulty interpreting or understanding what is said or essentially filtering out many competing auditory signals at the same time. Unfortunately, nothing can be done with this type of hearing loss and one person can only try to deal with the environment.

In addition to the aforementioned physical disorder, a person may have a mental hearing disorder called functional hearing loss. People with this disorder simply cannot hear, even if their hearing is perfect or even better than normal. The problem with this is to correctly diagnose the condition and not to confuse it with another one.

A person is said to have mixed hearing loss if they have both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss in one or both ears. The conductive hearing problem can be easily treated for mixed hearing loss. Until a cure can be found for the sensorineural part of the problem, the hearing loss can be permanent.

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