Beautiful face with anal fistula

If the body cavities are abnormally associated, a fistula forms. An example of such a condition would be colostomy, in which a passage is connected between the abdominal wall and the colon. Such a connection can also occur between the anus and other parts of the body such as the intestinal lining or vagina or the outer surface of the skin. Each of these can be called an anal fistula.

What are the symptoms?

There is a disease, a body cavity tunnel can be used. Due to this abscess or pus, it may be old near the anal canal. Lesions can also occur, which in some cases are filled with bodily fluids such as excretory material. In these cases, natural healing is difficult and medical help should be sought. The individual may also experience pain in the lower abdomen and near the anus. Changes in body temperature, itching and general fatigue can be observed in patients. However, the severity can vary from person to person. This is important for discussing the healthcare professional’s claim. There are many medications available online today that can help you quickly.

Why is this happening?

Anal fistula can occur for various reasons such as injury or digestive illness. Injury due to constipation or infection of the anal lining can lead to this disease. Also, there are two diseases in which these types of fistulas mainly form – the first is said to be Crohn’s disease and the second is ulcerative colitis. Discharge with a foul odor and pus formation is often observed.

Are there any tests and healing tests?

Some of the tests used to treat and examine an anal fistula are: the barium enema test, colonoscopy, or a sigmoidoscopy procedure. Sometimes an upper endoscopic procedure can be performed. Additionally, studies to understand inflammatory bowel disease can be done here to look at fistula.

The main method of confirming the condition is the fistulogram test. Here, an x-ray of the affected area is taken after a radiation dye has been injected into the body. The exact presence of the anomaly can be recorded using this method.

After the medical procedures, the patient can recover within a few weeks and return to a healthy life. Medication must be taken. The diet plan should follow a healthy lifestyle as recommended by your doctor.

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