An abnormal connection from one part of the body to another is called a fistula. If such an association occurs in the anus, it is called anal fistula. It is a connection between the internal anal canal and the skin outside the anus. There are many types of anal fistulas which can appear for various reasons such as infections, abscesses, pus, or other illnesses. It is often seen in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Common symptoms of an anal fistula are pain, tenderness, swelling, and irritation in the anal area. Itching can also occur. The infection can also cause a slight fever, fatigue, chills, and weakness. You might not want to eat heavy or spicy foods and feel uncomfortable.

Curing this anomaly is unnatural.

The affected person needs medication or needs surgery.

The drug that can be administered would mainly consist of antibiotics. If a simple medication doesn’t work, surgery will need to be done. An operation for anal fistula at the lower end of the digestive tract is called a fistulotomy.

The process is simple. The surgeon creates an incision in the fistula tube. He will then bring it closer to the area of ​​the rectum where it is connected. The zone is thus sealed and any further abnormal communication between the regions is stopped. Inappropriate administration of blood or other body fluids is limited. As a result, the area will heal.

The intervention is generally performed under local anesthesia when the link between the abnormalities is not very important. However, if a large anal fistula has formed, it may become inevitable to perform more complex surgery.

For example, if the canal is relatively deep in the body, a seton can be used. A seton is a type of suture used to bind the abnormal tract. A loop forms which tightens over a period of time. This leads to hardening. Alternatively, fibrin glue can be used to form a clot in the tract to seal it. In a complicated condition, the endorectal advancement flap procedure can be used. Part of the rectal wall is prepared here and a flap is created to cover the internal opening. Then one of the medical devices called Anal Fistula Plug can be used. This is an advanced tapered tissue graft unit that promotes tissue growth in the affected area.

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