Anal fistula, anorectal fistula, or fistula in the ano, as it is called, is the abnormal connection or passage near the area of ​​the anus between organs that are not connected. Fistula occurs when an abscess develops in the anal glands and the opening of the glands is blocked; The infection is limited to this area because it cannot drain into the rectum. It forms an abscess or pus that grows further inwards and forms a tract. The primary opening is in the anal canal and the secondary is in the perianal skin. Whenever the opening is blocked, an abscess develops and the tract expands. In a chronic case, there may be more openings or more funds.

There is an operation to treat anal fistula. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is a temporary correction as the fistulas return. The surgery carries its own risks and complications such as bleeding, delayed wound healing, urinary retention, stool incontinence, stenosis due to fibrosis, thrombosed hemorrhoids, constipation and much more. The risks can be avoided and you can learn more about online health services.

Homeopathy has a long-term solution to this long-term illness that will continue for years after the operation. Although homeopathy has not been described as an exact science and ridiculed as a placebo effect, it works slowly and steadily to relieve pain. The homeopathic medicine first controls the infection and thus prevents the formation and development of an abscess. He then works on the development of new tissue to close the tract. When the tissue is deposited again, the opening is closed and the fistula heals permanently. Homeopathy is slow and steady, and treatment can be extended depending on the depth and length of the tract. We may be surprised to know that there are 72 remedies in homeopathy

A homeopathic medicine such as He par Curriculum is given when the patient has a large, painful abscess near the anal area. The drug causes the abscess to open and the pus to drain. Medicinal silica is used when the fistula returns frequently and does not heal completely. Because of this, chronic constipation occurs and the rectal muscles do not work properly. The problem of the fistula alternates with breast problems and in this medicine, abscess and fistula leave thick scars. The counter current when all other drugs fail is Bacilli, which improves vitality and clears the case.

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