The swollen state of the scrotal sac that surrounds the testicles is called a hydrocele. A hydrocele usually develops as a result of an injury or trauma to the organ. As more fluid builds up, the swelling in the hydrocele becomes severe.

Although it is not necessary for the hydrocele to cause tingling regardless of the mild condition, you must treat the hydroceles in time.

When you leave it unattended for a long time, it gets worse and doesn’t let you lead your routine life. If you are currently looking for the allopathic hydrocele drug, this is the part for you.

The most common and effective allopathic drugs for hydrocele are:
Odoxil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that doctors prescribe for the treatment of a wide variety of infections. Therefore, if the hydrocele in your case is the result of a bacterial infection, Odoxil can fight bacteria and thus relieve swelling and pain in the hydrocele. Usually, for adults, the 500 mg tablets of Odoxil work well but for children, the dosage may vary.

Hetrazan 100
Hetrazan 100 is the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of hydrocele caused by a condition called lymphatic filariasis. Lymphatic filariasis occurs due to worms and parasites and causes severe swelling of the genitals and other parts of the body. Hetrazan 100 tablets can effectively treat this condition. It does the parasites and also slows their growth, thereby reducing the swelling and heaviness of the scrotum. For adults, 3 tablets of Hetrazan 100 per day are prescribed, while for children, the dosage corresponds to half of the adult dosage.

Zerodol SP
Zerodol SP is primarily a pain reliever medication that contains three well-known medications: aceclofenac, serratiopeptidase and paracetamol. Doctors usually prescribe Zerodol SP for hydroceles because it reduces pain, swelling and inflammation in the scrotum. Thus, Zerodol SP can help alleviate the symptoms of hydrocele.
drugs for hydrocele

Taxim-O is another antibiotic medication for the treatment of infection-induced hydroceles. This allopathic medicine contains cefixime which inhibits the growth of the cell walls of bacteria, which ultimately leads to the death of infectious bacteria. By treating the underlying infection, Taxim-O reduces pain and inflammation of the scrotum. For the treatment of hydrocele, Taxim-O 200 mg tablets are generally prescribed.

Strong Banocide
Like Hetrazan 100, Banocide Forte is also an anti-helminthic and is prescribed for the treatment of hydroceles due to parasitic infections and lymphatic filariasis. This allopathic medicine contains diethylcarbamazine which can act against larval and adult forms of parasites and thereby reduce swelling and discomfort in the hydrocele.

Althrocin is another effective antibiotic to relieve symptoms of hydrocele. The includes erythromycin which kills and prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for infections. Althrocin cures the infection and reduces swelling and pain in the scrotum. For adults, the dose of Althrocin is 500 mg while for children, Althrocin 250 mg is usually prescribed.

Although rare, these hydrocele medications can cause the following side effects:
Man nausea vomiting side effects hydrocele medicine

a headache
stomach pain
What to do if you notice the side effects of allopathic Hydrocele drugs?
The allopathic medicines listed above rarely cause side effects, and even if side effects are observed, they go away as soon as the body begins to adjust to the medicine. However, if the symptoms persist and worsen over time, contact your doctor immediately. Talk to your doctor if medications can be exchanged and, if possible, have them replaced with alternative salts. If not, discuss other medical treatments that you can do for Hydrocele.

If nothing works, you can choose the safest treatment options for Hydrocele laser hydrocelectomy
If nothing works to relieve hydrocele, see your doctor about hydrocele surgery, also known as hydrocelectomy. Don’t worry, nowadays hydroelectectomy is performed with a high-intensity laser beam, making the procedure minimally invasive and absolutely painless.

Hydrocele laser surgery

Laser hydrocelectomy is very simple, yet the most effective treatment method currently available for hydroceles. Laser hydroelectectomy does not include incisions or stitches and treats the hydrocele permanently. It is a 100% safe procedure and the risk of postoperative complications is negligible.

The best thing about laser hydrocelectomy is that you can avoid long hospital stays because they are done in the daycare and you can go home on the same day as the surgery. Healing and recovery after the procedure are fairly quick and within a week you are ready to resume your normal routine activities.

The bottom line
If you feel uncomfortable in the groin area and suspect that it is a hydrocele, please consult a doctor immediately. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to get rid of the hydrocele.

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