What is gynecomastia?
β€œThe state of overdeveloped or interested breasts in those who can be old at any age is gynecomastia. The condition can be the result of hormonal rights, inheritance, obesity or the management that is his. “”

~ American Society of Plastic Surgeons

The development of female breasts is a problem for many men in the country. There are various forms of gynecomastia that a person can suffer from. Knowing who this person is is important for guideline treatment of tasks.

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7 types of gynecomastia
Normal gynecomastia
It is the responsibility type of gynecomastia that exists in boys aged 12 to 15 years. Must go beyond this type of gynecomastia even for parts over 65 years of age who are unable to carry testosterone. Different standing people with normal gynecomastia to have more conical breasts that stand out.

Religious gynecomastia
As the name suggests, this is the right type of gynecomastia that is developing in administration. This type has fat deposits in the glandular tissue. Some of the same feelings that belong to this art of gynecomastia are the rights that affect the breast, the feast, the nipples and the breasts.

Pure glandular gynecomastia
Concerns about the controlled use of steroids, bodybuilders know this type of gynecomastia. In this art of gynecomastia, an individual’s breasts say that the nipples are out of their possible position. This type may be that people under the breast crease and under the information can extend through the functions and after the first.

Gynecomastia on interests
About 30% to 60% of boys aged nine to fourteen suffer from more youthful gynecomastia. This is this type of genetic gynecomastia. Concerns need to change powers. In a few years, the swelling will persist until the age of 18. Doctors believe that surgery at this age will solve the problem.

Asymmetric gynecomastia
As the name suggests, this art of gynecomastia feels in one or two breasts, the breast was an asymmetrical appearance. Most often one breast, which is also the other, was disrupting the outline of the breast. Sagging breasts are also visible on the shirt. The only treatment option for this type of gynecomastia is surgery.

Pseudo-gynecomastia is a way to lose yourself, to protect yourself, to be different from adipose tissue. For clarification, it does not look like gynecomastia, although the consequences are lost, ie the enlargement of the breasts. Instead of surgical options, people can subscribe to good eating habits and relationships.

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Severe gynecomastia
Men with a lack of zero elasticity belong to related men, belonging to belonging to a sagging breast. Therefore, extremely obese or overweight people need to take care of sagging breasts. In this art of gynecomastia, the nipples belong to the lower edge of the sagging breasts.

What are the stages of gynecomastia?
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), gynecomastia develops in four stages. Each of them is described in detail below.

Grade I – Small enlargement without excess skin
Then grade II – moderate enlargement without excess skin
Grade IIb (commonly known as Grade III) – moderate enlargement with slightly excess skin
Grade III (commonly called Grade IV) – significant enlargement with excess skin that mimics a woman’s sagging breast
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In addition to this classification, there are other forms of classification that can define the stages of gynecomastia.

How to quickly get rid of gynecomastia?
The quickest way to get rid of gynecomastia is surgery. Gynecomastia surgery includes liposuction and gland removal surgery. The doctors at Pristyn Care are very experienced in the treatment of gynecomastia using the following methods:

VASER Liposuction – Vibrating amplification of resonant sound energy or VASER liposuction is the most effective type of liposuction. In this most advanced procedure, the doctor uses ultrasonic waves to break down the fatty tissue. In addition, the incisions made with this technique are much smaller, which guarantees minimal bleeding and faster healing.
Glandular removal surgery – This is the procedure in which the surgeon removes excess glandular tissue through the nipples. The main objective of this procedure is therefore to smooth the excessive swelling of the male breasts.
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How do you recover after gynecomastia surgery?
After the surgery, doctors take a number of precautions to help the patient recover faster and reduce the risk of infection. Generally, doctors prescribe the following tips to keep in mind during the recovery period:

Wear the compression garment all day
Don’t itch even if you feel it
Be sure to visit us for follow-up appointments
Do not drink alcohol or smoke during recovery
Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain
Avoid tight clothing
Get enough rest throughout the recovery process
Keep an eye on your diet
Take vitamin or mineral supplements only after consulting your doctor

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